Fujitsu and Qualcomm demonstrate the potential connectivity of 5G with the help of a base station Fujitsu 5G NR, and a device powered by the modem-RF Snapdragon X55 5G.

Fujitsu and Qualcomm Technologies, that work together around technology 5G, have managed to complete for the first time a data call 5G NR with free multigigabit using aggregation carrier of 5G sub-6 GHz and exceeding 3 Gbps of speed.

To do this used an architecture is not autonomous, a base station Fujitsu 5G New Radio and a test device for smartphones 5G powered by a modem-RF Snapdragon X55 5G Qualcomm, adding the spectrum that is not contiguous in the bands of 3.5 GHz (n78) and 4.9 GHz (n79). The commercial devices with capacities of aggregation carrier with this system Snapdragon will be available by the end of the year.

as explained by Durga Malladi, executive vice president and general manager of 4G/5G of Qualcomm Technologies, this achievement “it allows us to take advantage of the potential of 5G to achieve a seamless connectivity and generalized“.

The aggregation for carrier 5G sub-6 GHz allows to improve the capacity and performance of the network, even in a wireless complicated, so that consumers experience tramisiones more smooth and downloads fast.

“We are excited to elevate the use of aggregation-carrier 5G to provide benefits both operators and customers,”, says about this achievement, Masaki Taniguchi, senior vice president of the unit mobile system from Fujitsu, “and we look forward to working in the future with Qualcomm Technologies to improve what is possible for networks 5G”.