Expands its line of storage with a SATA SSD SAT5200, SSD NVMe SNV3400 and SNV3500, M2D20 and E10M20-T1.

in Addition to the market introduction of the storage unit FS3600, which binds to its family of servers all-flash, Synology has announced new products SSD, including SATA 2.5″, M. 2 2280 and M. 2 22110, to a constant performance with low-latency input/output.

“We have designed our new range of SSDS to go further,”, says Hewitt Lee, group director of administration of Synology products, “subjecting the devices to thousands of hours of testing and validation effort-intensive on our systems”. Are prepared to face environments virtualization, storage databases with high-volume traffic and projects artificial intelligence and high performance computing.

on the one hand, the series SSD SATA SAT5200, which arrives at the 95K/65K IOPS random read/write 4K sustained, offers a 1.3 DWPD and follows the standard JESD219A, is intended for implementations of mixed-use in local infrastructure or in the cloud. Includes protection against power loss and data path end-to-end to avoid interruptions due to damaged files.

In the second place, Synology has introduced the series SSD NVMe SNV3400 and SNV3500 that aims to speed up storage groups existing hard disks. In your case delivers more than 40K IOPS in loads of random write sustained and allows to 0.68 DWPD with a load of work JESD219A.

finally, there are official M2D20 and E10M20-T1. The new adapters M. 2 take advantage of the strength and performance of the business units SNV3000. And the E10M20-T1 facilitates increases in the case of simultaneous performance of storage and network, with a port 10 GbE RJ-45 and standard multi-gigabit (5/2,5 GbE).