most responsible for Crystal Dynamics has spoken about the hard work that you are doing in front of your computer to create the best game of The Avengers as possible, to the point that the creative ensures that your reputation is at stake. Is there a fear? Rather, the desire to prove that Marvel’s Avengers going to be a great game.

«just Like we did with Lara Croft in 2013, we want to show the world how we do things in an original and innovative way«, has declared Scot Amos. In these moments there are five teams working on this ambitious action adventure starring the greatest heroes of Marvel. What each one focusing on a hero? Nothing could be further from the reality.

«Within Crystal Dynamics, we have our ‘team PET’: the team Player-Enemy. Are the heart and soul of the design of the characters, the set of moves and combat styles. After you have the movements heroic you may have seen in the demo, which are skills never before seen in them,» explains the manager of Crystal Dynamics.

there Has been a process where Marvel has left us to go to our roll, but based on your history«Has been very fun inventarlas, because people expect that Thor throw his hammer or Iron Man flies, but does now have lasers and rockets? What can I do with them? You may have seen versions of this through your story, but what we are putting it all together in an original way«. In this regard, Crystal Dynamics is having a great freedom of action on the part of Marvel, which participates actively in the creative process by suggesting ideas.

«there Has been a process where we have left to go to our roll, but based on his history, saying, ‘Hey, what do you remember of this comic or this panel where Hulk did this, this and this? What do you think of this?’ And we love it. First and foremost, we are big fans».

Image of Marvel's Avengers