Atlas VPN explains that, with the confinement of the population and the increased use of the internet at home ,”the group of potential victims of cybercrime has never been so big”.

The data security experts reveal that the crisis the coronavirus is being rentabilizada by cybercriminals to increase their ataquesusing for example the sed of información citizens.

Seems that this year will pay off with greater losses to victims of cybercrime.

According to Atlas VPN, the damage by cyber crime will increase 45 % in the course of 2020 in comparison with 2019, when internet fraud generated losses of more than 3 500 million dollars. This year the losses should exceed 5 000 million.

Atlas VPN believes that the lockdown of the population will act as a stimulant. “Due to the pandemic, people are trapped at home, browsing the web and working remotely. Can we expect a record number of attacks from hackers in 2020 because the group of potential victims of cybercrime has never been so big”, indicates Rachel Welsh, COO of Atlas VPN.

“Besides” he adds, “the latest trends in cybercrime show that hackers are focusing more than ever on the errors in the layer human“.

last year, the three crimes which caused the greatest losses were the fraud by e-mail (BEC), the scams romantic and phishing scams, with some 1 770 million, 475 million and $ 300 million, respectively.