Among its novelties presents an Employee Portal and self-service data for reporting and analytical tasks.

Ekon has upgraded its ERP solution and announced Ekon 2020, which is defined as a tool Plug & Play with the move to the system management the lines of the identity of every business.

“Ekon 2020 allows each business to maintain its uniqueness“, says Juan Antonio Fernandez, CEO of Ekon, “and do not have to stick to management solutions are rigid and equal for all of the major international suppliers, nor smaller suppliers of poorly trained for the technological continuity”.

The solution promises to be, in addition, a quick deployment, thanks to the auto-configuration assisted and the saving of time in the incorporation of updates. To this is added the burden simplified data, even for those who have minimal training, and a training system to demand that you run while working with the help of the Ekon Virtual Agent.

One of the major innovations of Ekon 2020 is your Employee Portal, a two-way communication channel between the professionals and the company that decentralizes the work. Your own professional will be able to manage aspects that previously fell in the departments of Human Resources, such as calendar and vacation, registration of charges, maintenance of personal data type CV or bank accounts. For its part, the department of Human Resources earn resources to focus on the retention of talent.

Ekon 2020 includes a self-service functionality and data for reporting and analytical tasks, something that should result in a better decision making.