The popular video blogger Zack Nielson from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything in addition to testing devices for strength has another hobby: he makes smartphones with a transparent back cover. Sometimes the enthusiast gets extremely interesting specimens with a unique design. These include the new Vivo Nex S, which looks quite unusual due to the sliding camera.

The conversion of Vivo Nex S began with the detachment of the rear glass cover. Then the blogger stepped out to remove the film from the glass with a holographic effect. Videobloger this was not enough since all the key elements are hidden under the protective panel. Removing it, you can access the motor responsible for the movement of the front camera.

As a result, Zach Nilsson obtained the Vivo Nex S with a transparent back cover, which shows the movement of the front camera inside the casing and the rotation of the motor.