After chaining three quarters of falling year-on-year in its revenues, this segment has experienced a growth of 6.2 % during the Q2.

For three quarters in a row, the segment of the mainframe inside the market devices built specifically for tasks backup, which is known in English as PBBA, has suffered a drop in income after a decline in revenues.

But that is over, at least for the moment. According to numbers from IDC for the second quarter, 2016, the revenues mainframe systems have been enhanced on this occasion by 6.2 % regarding the figures of a year ago.

And they are not alone. The income of the open systems have grown 12% year-on-year. In total, the market PBBA has reached the 871,1 million dollars, of which 61.8 per cent has been EMC, absolute leader. After he was classified as Veritas, IBM, HPE, and Dell.

“The market PBBA recorded a strong performance in the first half of 2016,”, comments Liz Conner, research director for storage systems at IDC:.

“In response to the weaknesses of the end user”, adds Conner, “vendors continue to improve their portfolios of product, with greater emphasis on automation, management tools simplified, RPO/RTOs and enhanced the capacity of stack in the cloud”.