Although technology spending has slowed in the first quarter, confinement and the need to telecommute during the pandemic are fueling the digital culture of companies.

Confinement is challenging for everyone. The companies that are lucky enough to be able to continue operating with their remote templates are seeing that, despite the many difficulties that arise, you can continue working from home.

So, although teleworking has come into our lives abruptly and without planning, this crisis will serve to normalize remote activity and that companies lose their fear . Furthermore, the pandemic is helping companies to become familiar with the use of tools that they barely used and that many did not even know existed, thus improving their digital culture .

According to a recent study by IDC Research Spain- carried out from surveys of CEOs and decision-makers in the IT field-, almost 70% of the organizations consulted believe that the crisis has positively impacted spending on collaboration tools , such as video conferencing platforms, corporate social networks, email, etc. Likewise, about half of the companies surveyed believe that the pandemic has boosted spending on devices -mobiles, computers and tablets- and cybersecurity -both hardware and software- . And teleworking has also boosted cloud services , according to a third of companies.

Furthermore, these solutions are here to stay. 47% of the organizations surveyed assure that they will maintain Smart Work policies in a return to normality. In the ‘de-escalation’ period, companies will focus on business continuity, automation to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs, and the search for new ways of interaction and collaboration between employees and suppliers to generate a differential value proposition to the customer.

In this way, the consultancy predicts that the pandemic will help accelerate companies’ digital transformation processes , helping them to react better and faster to changes in the environment. In this sense, 22.9% of the companies surveyed believe that the COVID-19 crisis will improve the perception of digital transformation and information technology among employees .Likewise, 18.9% believe that this situation will enable their company to react more quickly to future crises. And 17.5% think that the pandemic will strengthen the capacity of their company to work remotely.

However, despite the push that the current situation is giving to digital culture, the pandemic is also having negative repercussions in the technological field. Thus, IDC Research Spain notes that ICT investment by companies has slowed down in the first quarter of the year . If the consultancy predicted a 1.9% increase in technological spending in the first three months of the year before the crisis, COVID-19 has finally made growth remain at 0.9%. < / strong>

The slowdown has been especially pronounced in spending on hardware and business services, in which the forecasts for January were cut by 27% and 16%, respectively.