Its price in Europe is € 2000 (2 100 euro for the model compatible with 5G), as has been communicated by Samsung.

is Already almost here. is Samsung Electronics has detailed part of the calendar for the launch of its phone Galaxy Fold with foldable design.

from tomorrow Friday, September 6, the device, which open reaches 7.3 inches and allows you to perform several tasks at once, may be purchased in Korea. And more than a week after, from the Wednesday, 18, will be available in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In these last two countries, in addition, you will need version 5G.

“Galaxy Fold is a device that defies the barriers of traditional design in smartphone. We are pleased to announce this mobile technology pioneer in the world and allow consumers to enjoy by themselves” said DJ Koh, president and CEO of the Division of IT & Mobile Communications of Samsung Electronics, with respect to this release.

Other places that you plan to arrive the terminal are Singapore and the united States. The Galaxy Fold will also extend its presence in Europe. is In Spain will land middle of October, even though not yet release the specific day.

What is known is that this terminal combines in one body functions of smartphone and tablet will be rated at 2 000 euros in Europe, which will be 2 100 euros for the model Galaxy Fold 5G.

“users have responded positively to larger screens”, indicates Koh, “and the factor revolutionary Galaxy Fold is that it provides a screen-immersive large-size, without sacrificing portability. This is what is known as a significant innovation of the new mobile experience”, writes the officer.