new versions of this ‘malware’ monitor the activity of the various messaging services, including the encrypted, and hidden better.

software spy FinSpy escalates its activity with new versions for iOS and Android that have been detected by the security company Kaspersky.

“The developers of FinSpy monitor continuously the security updates of the mobile platforms”, says Alexey Firsh, the security researcher of Kasperky Lab, “and they tend to be agile in order to modify their malicious programs to avoid that the operation can be blocked by a patch. On the other hand, follow trends and implement functionality to extract data from popular applications”.

Image: Kaspersky

“we find almost every day new victims of the implants of FinSpy, therefore, it is advisable to keep abreast of the latest updates of the platforms and install them as soon as they are available”, recommended Firsh. “Because by the very insurance that they are, the applications you use, and how well protected are your data, once that has been root or jailbreak your device to open the doors for the spyware”, explains this expert.

FinSpy has the ability to monitor the activity of many messaging services, as is the case of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber, but now also would affect platforms encrypted type Telegram, Signal or Threema. As a result, access to incoming and outgoing messages, calls, GPS location information, media files, contacts,…

in Addition, the new versions have improved capacity to remove the trail.

The malware for iOS is able to hide signs of jailbreak and malware for Android get privileges root practically unlimited.

Another of the features of FinSpy is to adapt the activity of each implant at a particular target. FinSpy has acted already against Ngos, governments and law enforcement agencies in various parts of the world.