Xiaomi President Lin Bing spoke in detail about the undeclared features of the Mi8 Pro smartphone. This model is an improved version of the flagship Mi8, which received a fingerprint scanner built into the display. This technology has been improved compared to the one used in the Mi8 Exploration Edition. According to the representative of the company, Mi8 Pro uses one more advanced technology.

The top version of Xiaomi Mi8 uses space technology.

Integrated with the Mi8 Pro display, the fingerprint scanner is 29% faster and 8.8% more accurate than its counterpart from Mi8 Exploration Edition. This is achieved by software improvements or due to more advanced components — not reported.

The second important technology in the Mi8 Pro was the advanced cooling system. According to Lin Bien, they used a special material capable of changing their state from solid to liquid and back. It is used in the creation of polymers to create cooling systems for spacecraft and spacesuits.

Xiaomi claims that the new cooling technology reduces the temperature of the Mi8 Pro by 3 ° C with the same power consumption. Even such a seemingly small change noticeably affects battery performance.

The top version of Xiaomi Mi8 uses space technology.

Xiaomi Mi8 Pro will soon be available for sale outside of China.