Twitter mode slightly modified the Dark Mode, making it black while the update will be available only to users of Apple devices.

Night mode on Twitter appeared three years ago, but the developers suggested not a black background, but a dark gray with a barely noticeable blue tint. Of course, this move allowed users to protect their eyes from bright light, but perfectionists blamed the developers for the fact that Dark Mode should be with a truly black background. Now in the application for iOS appeared Lights Out mode, which offers exactly it.

Twitter added “real darkness” for iOS devices

TwitterFor more conveniences, it is possible to activate the automatic mode of turning on the black background. With it, the iPhone or iPad will switch to Lights Out at night. Those who liked the dark gray version of Dark Mode, also do not deprive the choice. This mode is now called «Dim» and can be turned on instead of Lights Out. Twitter promises that soon a black background will appear in the application for Android and PC, but when it is, it is not specified.