The function VMware vSphere Bitfusion opens the door to the infrastructure elastic, on-demand, also for applications of machine learning.

The purchase of Bitfusion has allowed VMware to enhance the capabilities of VMware vSphere. With the launch of VMware vSphere 7, the company has introduced the function VMware vSphere Bitfusion for businesses to offer infrastructure elastic on-demand for applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This type of applications rely on hardware accelerators for complex computations. Companies tend to use accelerators like the GPU to improve performance, but this presents problems, since they can’t share in many parts of the business.

By combining VMware vSphere with Bitfusion, VMware, allows you to share resources and provide hardware acceleration tailored to the workload adequately in the time necessary to. VMware vSphere 7 facilitates the pooling of GPU resources on the servers, and the fact of sharing within the data centers. This will enable the sharing of GPUs across the entire network with researchers of artificial intelligence, developers of machine learning and scientific data.

“Our goal is to offer the same value to the GPU that we deliver to the CPU”, explains Krish Prasad, director general of business unit cloud VMware.

“To break down the silos existing GPU resources, organizations can achieve a better utilization and efficient use of them through shared use, resulting in a cost savings right away”, he says. “And what is more important, organizations will be able to put in place new initiatives or stalled initiatives of AI/ML to promote your business by sharing those resources of the GPU with their pcs on-demand with VMware vSphere 7”.