screening of ‘malware’ for the mobile system of Apple increased by 43 % during the first half.

in Addition to a rise in attacks without a file, also is growing the malware for iOS.

So what stands out the security firm ESET in a survey on mobile security, reveals that the vulnerabilities for this operating system “in 2019, representing a 25% increase in the amount of faults found in 2018, and almost the double of those found in Android”.

During the first half of this year such detections of malware increased 43 %., And is concentrated above all in China.

In comparison with Android, however, the percentage of vulnerability with a high level of criticality is less than, he is in a 20 % compared to 68 % of the other system. It should also be noted that 9 of every 10 Android devices work with earlier versions of the Android Stand, which makes them vulnerable to possible security issues.

A good news for Android is that the number of failures reported up to June represent 14 % of the total reported vulnerabilities in 2018. In your case, the detections are held together in Russia, Iran and Ukraine.

“despite the fact that mobile systems have been designed from a security perspective and are at times safer than traditional technologies, we must not forget that the risks continue to be latent. Beyond the favoritism, we must always keep in mind that no system is foolproof”, Denise Giusto Bilic, a specialist in security for ESET, “and that education and prevention are unavoidable to use mobile technologies safely,”.