Being able to serve a customer from a distance contributes to their satisfaction and also to the reduction of business costs. But what are the companies that benefit most from this type of assistance?

Technological evolution, which over the years has brought innovations such as mobility or remote assistance, offers organizations advantages such as resource release and cost reduction , immediacy, productivity or greater satisfaction in the customer experience.

Precisely on remote assistance, Entelgy identifies five sectors of activity as those that can benefit most from it, starting with telecommunications , where operators would avoid travel and save time. And they would also be more effective. According to data from the Telecommunications User Service Office, last year 25,633 claims were made in Spain against telecommunications operators, of which 6,131 were left without a solution, something that could be improved with remote assistance, experts say.

Another sector is the industry , which is immersed in a time of changes at the hands of the internet of things and artificial intelligence. Entelgy believes that telecare will contribute to the certification of actions and work orders of outsourced companies.

Thirdly, the health sector appears. Here telepresence solutions have the potential to contribute to primary care in rural areas or to reach patients who cannot travel to a hospital. And it is something that is already being advanced. In the Community of Madrid, for example, there are videoconferencing services in a total of 315 public centers. Next year the coverage should be 100%.

Entelgy also lists the insurance sector, where Insurtech is proliferating. Through remote assistance and remote monitoring, it is possible to contact the place where an accident has occurred in remote and real time, with an activity that requires expertise or, simply, with someone who asks for advice.

To all these sectors is added the one of the consultancies and the management . Entelgy refers to a Quipo study that indicates that the professionals of these companies want updated digital billing programs and dashboards, among other issues. Remote solutions open the door to personalized consultations with documents that are interchangeable and verifiable remotely.