what the united States or China? Both provide investors of risk capital in this area. But who leads?

the united States is a country that highlights the investors of risk capital in a matter of cibserguridad.

In fact, all the members of the top 10 investors of this type during 2018 are based in the united States. So reveals GlobalData, that makes them name. Would be, in this order: Accel, Sequoia Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, ClearSky, Bain Capital, Paladin Capital Group, GGV Capital and M12.

Accel stands out both in investment volume and in value, while that ClearSky was the one who grew most on both fronts throughout the year. At the other extreme is New Enterprise Associates, which suffered declines in volume and value of the investment. Bessemer Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital were the other two companies in the top 10 that declined in volume, while Paladin Capital Group was another firm that experienced a decline in value.

“cyber-security has been among the main agendas of the companies due to the increase in the incidence of safety violations. The investors venture capital are also see it as an investment opportunity exciting“, he says Aurojyoti Bose, analyst of financial arrangements in GlobalData.

“Although the united States remains the epicenter of the activity of financing of venture capital in the space of cybersecurity”, with the companies in the top 10 to participate in 90 rounds with a value of 825 million dollars, “investors are also betting on new companies in other countries”, indicates Bose. For example, in China, is classified second in the list of countries.

GlobalData también has revealed what are the companies that are betting on the internet of things as an investor of risk capital. The majority has, once more, based in the united States.

Image: GlobalData