Guardianship has published the results of its report on “Experience of Mobile Networks for Spain and Portugal to 2019”.

we May be beginning to attend to the awakening of the 5G which will bring new possibilities in the field mobile. “But for users of what is truly important is to be able to choose a network that is consistent and suitable for use in real-time”, warns Leandro Demarchi, commercial director of Guardianship to the south of Europe.

Your company has published the results of the report Experience of Mobile Networks for Spain and Portugal, 2019, which examines the situation of the different traders and after that concluded that it is “positive”.

In terms of Consistent Quality, Excellent, or if a network responds to the demands of the users to be able to perform actions such as viewing high-definition video in streaming or engage in video calling in a group via applications, Guardianship, reveals that the leader is Movistar, with a 81.1 %. Follow Orange and Yoigo (78.2%), and Vodafone (78,1 %).

Movistar also left with the number one in Consistent Quality Standard (97,6 %).

And, by country, facing Spain with Portugal, the our more than 3 % on Consistent Quality Excellent to the neighbouring country, while in Consistent Quality Standard offers a 97% 95.9 % Portugal. So, in short, the users of both countries could use the networks to basic questions, such as browsing social networks.

yes, it seems that Spanish operators have a average yield-to-download faster. For example, Movistar is in a little less than 20 Mbps, Vodafone follows with 15,2 Mbps and Orange is close with a 15.1 Mbps.

average yield of the climb Vodafone who stands in first position with a 7.1 Mbps, ahead of Movistar (6,9 Mbps), and Yoigo (5,6 Mbps).

Vodafone repeated position of honor in terms of latency, with 24,9 ms. In this case we follow Movistar (25,9 ms) and Orange (26,1 ms).