Uses the capabilities of the trojan Milum to remotely control the devices of the organizations attacked.

The trojan Milum back to the old ways. On this occasion, as part of the campaign of cybercrime WildPressure, is attacking especially to the objectives of the Middle East.

So what has revealed the security company Kaspersky, which warned that the campaign is still active, and confirms that they are still unknown some details, like the exact mechanism of spread of Milum. What we do know is that Milum allows to remotely control devices of the organisations, for example in the industrial sector.

In particular, you can download and run commands, collect information of the devices attacked, and send them to a command and control server and update itself.

“the industrial sector is attacked is always a concern”, says the principal investigator of security Denis Legezo. “analysts should pay attention, because the consequences of an attack against a target industrial can be devastating,”.

“Until now, we have not seen any track that supports the idea that the intentions of the attackers of WildPressure go beyond gather information from the networks attacked. However, this campaign is still actively developing”, warns Legezo, “and we have already discovered new samples to be malicious in addition to the three discovered originally”.

“At this time”, ends, “we do not know what will happen as WildPressure progresses, but we will continue to monitor its progression,”.