Smart alarm Xiaomi Xiao AI — the real master of gadgets. He will not only wake up the host in the morning but also make the smart vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, and humidifier in the housework.

Presented today, Xiaomi Xiao AI can shut off any alarm clock that has the prefix «smart» in its name. As a clock, he shows time and can wake the host with the melody chosen by him. At the same time, a smart alarm clock will show the weather information to the user, but then the Xiaomi Xiao AI abilities are more impressive. You can set in his program reminders of some tasks. Moreover, this can be done even remotely, if you are not at home, through the Mijia App.

With the help of a new device, there are great opportunities: find out the exchange rate, use a translator, make calculations on a calculator, find out about the state of traffic on the roads, run on the news feed, find a movie theater billboard and much more. Like many similar devices, this alarm clock is equipped with a radio.

With the help of the Mijia App, a smart alarm clock will become a real helper who will monitor the work of fans, air conditioners, cleaning robot and other smart devices that are in the house. The cost of the Mijia App is $ 22, and it will go on sale on September 28.