Zyxel Iberia announces a pay-per-use program in the coming days that will allow them to better face the months ahead.

Although the situation we live in is marked by uncertainty, Gonzalo Echeverría , CEO of Zyxel Iberia , transmits confidence in the future, yes, something for which we must continue working. We can’t stand still.

The first months of the COVID-19 crisis have been a boost for your company, Zyxel, but you are aware that complicated times are coming when, precisely, in order not to stand still, you want to help your clients by launching a program pay-per-use in the coming days that will allow them to better face the months ahead.

-Current times rule … In times of forced teleworking, what recommendations would you give to companies and workers who have to move their workplace to their home these days?

The truth is that these days many recommendations are being given; Practically any IT company is offering them and, among all of them, if there is something that Zyxel wants to highlight is an essential one: do not forget security . We cannot connect to the Internet to work, watch a movie or communicate with others at any cost …

Connectivity is now mandatory, multi-platform connectivity, from any device, 24 hours a day … But without forgetting security, something that at home user level is important but at business level it is critical.

As I said, the problem, currently, is not communications or connectivity … We are starting from the fact that domestic Internet access had almost 100 percent of the workers, but even those companies that had a VPN had it in mind for few connections, the boss from home, the commercials and little else. This situation has meant that they have to resize all their infrastructures.

Many have adopted cloud solutions precisely because for remote work it is a great option but, I repeat, always with security.

-Do you think that this situation, although obligatory, will mean a change in our country regarding teleworking?

I think so, that this situation will suppose a before and an after in the adoption of telework in our country.It must be said that, until now, there have been many companies that have valued the «chair warmer» to put it colloquially … Well, those are the ones that, I hope, have realized that heating the chair is not going anywhere.

From home you can not only be productive, but even sometimes you are more productive, not in one hundred percent of professional profiles but in many yes. You increase productivity while saving time and money … I hope and trust that it does change the look towards telework after these days.

-How has this increase in teleworking impacted Zyxel’s business?

The truth is that very positively. Specifically, the month of March that we have just closed has been the best for Zyxel since it began its commercial activity in Spain, it has practically doubled what it was in March 2019.

To give you a piece of information, VPN license downloads increased by almost 500% . It is true that we came with a very positive inertia; the company closed 2019 with 30% growth over the previous year and that has helped …

It is also true that this situation of the state of alarm, in the long term, will have not so positive consequences. For us, ending 2020 with the same figure as in 2019 would already be a success, the truth. The first semester has been very good, we have finished 15% above the target … but in the next one, we are aware that it will be difficult … If we manage to achieve 60% of what we had planned as a target, it would be positive … OR maybe not and evolution is better than we think now. It is not known.

What is clear is that we must continue working. We keep in constant contact with clients and they also continue working so that when this happens it was not a totally unproductive time.

And that is what we want and must do: keep working and pushing the business for what may come.

-Zyxel offers a comprehensive service of solutions: security, switching, wireless and GPON networks … What area is currently most important in the Zyxel business and how do you think it will evolve in the coming months?

Of all our areas, the most important remains Security, which represents more than 35% of our business and is a market that continues to grow. All our solutions are aimed at SMEs, we do not go to the corporate market and in SMEs, security remains a bit of the eternal promise.The little ones are still a bit in tow in the adoption of technology…

Unfortunately, ransomware or any type of cyber attack does not understand company size, but there are still many SMEs that are not aware of it. This is extreme because there are also small companies that are betting on cybersecurity, they are being farsighted … But there is still a long way to go.

After it, it would be followed, by volume of business, the Wireless area (the one that has less weight in percentage terms but the one that is growing the most) and Switching.

Regarding the GPON networks , we have been with it for a short time (about two years) but it already represents 10% of the total volume. It is a solution that we have adapted and verticalized. Currently, we offer it to large hotels and educational campuses. And the truth is that it is working very well.

-You allow the management of all your products and solutions from Nebula, your cloud platform. How many customers are already betting on these management services from Nébula versus those who do not, those who prefer to manage their devices, networks, etc. themselves?

Nebula is a cloud platform that is really born to help our channel, it is like a portal for them to manage absolutely their entire business: their clients, their networks, updates, etc. They can themselves from Nebula , the control of everything, cross-platform and remotely.

It has been 3 years since we launched this platform, it has been growing with feedback from our clients and, today, I can say that it is very powerful. The comments that the partners give us are very positive, they can do almost everything through Nebula safely.

Proof of this is that in 2019, the weight of the product that we had manageable via cloud, through Nebula, was already more than 50% in terms of billing.

-The fastest growing category of solutions over the past year was Professional Wireless. How do you think the wireless connectivity market will evolve. What will the massive arrival of 5G mean?

Honestly, 5G as a promise is great. It will allow us to do practically everything from any mobile device. But, the truth, for us it is not something that we are going to see soon.

In parallel, however, we do believe that WiFi-6 going to be a jump to level very important company and that, I think, we’re going to live long before.

To 2020, I am afraid, by the break that we are living the crisis of the COVI19 and the economic consequences that will have, but I am confident that by 2021, that already we will have to overcome this nightmare, it’s going to be something strategic, not only to the large clients but also to smes, and how not, to the channel, that is going to have a great business opportunity with the arrival of WiFi 6.

-And Zyxel, what’s going to be 2020? Not only at the level of income that, as I said, is somewhat uncertain but at the level of plans, new actions…

As pointed out we don’t leave for work and, for example, for the immediate future our goal is to grow in the number of partners, from the 800 that make up our channel are currently up to 1,000, giving them input also to large integrators.

And, okay, maybe something that’s just as strategic and that will mark our future is that, faced with this situation that we live by the crisis of the COVID19 and as a response to a lot of customer who says to us, “what now?”, we are going to launch the pay per use in our security solutions, a model which then spread to the rest of our portfolio.

it Was a decision that had already meditated, and, now, I want to accelerate and set in motion already, it is a help to the channel, your customers… The partners will be able to sell solutions in convenient monthly instalments, which will allow their customers to upgrade their contracts if they want to increase the number of users. A model is necessary, in my opinion, that this crisis is going to make that economically our customers need help and this is a way to contribute in some way to make the way easier.